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Photography has long played a significant role in my life, teaching me as much about myself as the people and places I have photographed. A camera is my passport to document the human experience.

From California to Kenya and points between, the last two decades have allowed me to photograph everything from weddings to political upheavals. My images have garnered awards from the Associated Press, the William Hearst Organization and the National Press Photographers Association. I am fortunate to have photographs featured in publications ranging from U.S. News and World Report, The New York Times,, USA Today and Stern Magazine. The National Press Photographers Association selected a number of my images from East Africa as part of its Women in Photojournalism International traveling exhibit. As a result, the McKenna Museum of Art in New Orleans purchased my work for the museum's permanent collection. When not working with individual clients I freelance for press agencies and non-governmental organizations.

In 1999, I began working as a photojournalist, teaching photography at the university level and working as a freelancer. Nearly a decade later, I decided to focus on weddings, interiors, portraits and lifestyle photography. Such work draws out my creative senses allowing me to capture emotions while working in a narrative sequence.

When not behind my cameras, I can be found upside down on my yoga mat, chatting with my urban flock of chickens, indulging in documentaries and overindulging Tat + Cha Cha, my precocious felines.


Lake Tahoe + San Francisco + Los Angeles

Tel: 775.742.5585

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